A Camel, Easy Riders a Nasty Creek and a Broken Bridge

These are a few of the sights around the city recently. It’s funny how I can walk past something dozens of times and see it, but not really see it for what it is. The camel falls into that category. Now, you might think that seeing a camel in the city would be enough reason to stop, wonder and investigate – especially for someone who writes blog posts about odd people, places and things in the city. I had to have someone else make me take a second look.

Camel made of Cigarette Filters, Emporium, Gay Street, Knoxville

It turns out this camel in the window of the Emporium is completely made of the inside of cigarettes. It’s shaped like a camel – get it? I’m not sure what I think about the whole idea. If one defines creativity by thinking outside the norm, then this qualifies. If you hate seeing those cigarette butts all over the street as much as I do, it’s nice to see them “re-purposed” to use the trendy phrase. Still, wouldn’t it stink? (Sorry, my dear smoking readers. Here is my prejudice: Cigarettes stink. I hope you won’t hate and forsake me.) Also, what would be the home for this art? Would you put it in your living room?

No matter your opinion regarding camel/cigarette art, you should stop by the Emporium. Many artists and arts organizations work out of the building and it’s always great to hang out with creative people. Tow exhibits of interest are currently running: “Threads and Fibers: Recent Works buy Marie Gibson” which is an exhibition of her fiber art. Also exhibited this month is “Another Way of Life: Photographs by Dean Rice,” which consists of photographs of villages in China.

Bikes outside the Easy Rider Bike Show, Knoxville Convention Center

Also happening this weekend is the Easy Rider Bike Show at the convention center, in case you want to catch that. I had no idea until I saw the interesting view of motorcycles while walking across the cross-walk over Henley. We also saw attendees in Outlaw Motorcycle Club jackets and a young boy wearing the same cross that the Nazi’s used. I wasn’t tempted to pay for a ticket. I tried not to make eye-contact. I do very much recommend the movie, though – Easy Rider, that is.

Second Creek as seen from the path of the Greenway, Knoxville, February 2011

Close-up of trash in Second Creek, Knoxville, February 2011

I also caught a view of the nasty debris in Second Creek as I walked through the greenway to the river. In the first picture you have to look closely to see what doesn’t belong. The second picture gets a close up of one trashy spot. I guess there just isn’t the money to either keep the trash from washing into the creek or to clean it up as it does, but it’s a shame. I’d hate for a visitor to see it. I don’t like to see it, myself.

South End of the Henley Street Bridge

Finally, I got a bit of a look at the severed ends of the Henley Street Bridge. It’s a pretty amazing sight. I’ll try to get better pictures, soon. In the first picture, you can see the missing end. Likewise, in the next two (the north end), the view is from underneath and there should be a bridge where the sun is shining through. The machine in the picture was pounding away at the concrete. I suspect this is the noise that has been complained about. What an enormous job.

Missing North End of the Henley Street Bridge, Knoxville, February 2011

Machine Pounding Concrete at the missing the North End of the Henley Street Bridge

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