Snowflake and Snowflakes

Suddenly we find ourselves beset by cold weather. And not just early December cold, but more mid-January to mid-February cold. I was surprised earlier this week when I walked out of my home to see the streets and sidewalks covered by a thin layer of snow. Now snow is in the forecast for this Sunday and Monday. Are we going to have another snowy, icy winter like last year? Who knows. Knoxville weather is capricious at best. The actual months of winter (remember this is still fall!) may be warm and dry.

“Snowflake” in Krutch Park, Summer 2010
It does remind me of a certain sculpture that adorned the center of Krutch Park this past spring and summer. Do you remember “Snowflake?” I’ve actually tracked Snowflake to its new home in a neighborhood in Oak Ridge. I have to say this was never one of my favorite of the sculptures downtown. I got it, but it left me a little cold (yes, intended). I like it better in its new home. I would not have imagined it would work in a suburban yard, but it does. What do you think?

“Snowflake” moves to Oak Ridge

Also, it made me wonder: Where did the other sculptures disappear to? Were they sold or returned to the artists? Does anyone know where any of them landed? Maybe I’ll try to investigate. One other sculpture I can report on: Last time I checked, Flow Mojo is still hanging out on a corner in Krutch Park extension, bidding his time until the big Christmas tree is packed away for another year and he can resume his rightful spot at the entrance to the park.

In the meantime, there’s a snowflake to hold you over until the real ones get here this Sunday. Everybody get your milk and bread and stay warm.