Then there’s this other sculpture . . .

Previously I’ve talked about sculptures that I’d just as soon the city not purchase at the end of their exhibition downtown. I also pointed out some that I think are worthy of keeping downtown.

There are a couple additional sculptures among those in the current downtown installation, that I feel compelled to toss out for public discourse. I’ve walked through the World’s Fair Park near the convention center a few times lately and they each beg me for inclusion in our little sculpture conversation, so here goes. I’ll ask readers for help on this, since my understanding seems to be limited regarding such things.

Sailors Warning – Duke Oursler – Painted Steel – 13’X5’X5′ – $12,000

The first isn’t unattractive in some ways. It certainly has a good vertical leap, it’s sleek and I like the primary colors. I’m not sure what it means and I’ll have to confess it looks like a banana with an eye, to me. Sometimes I’m able to read the title and get some idea of what the artist was after, but in this case I have no clue. I can’t find an allusion to a sailor anywhere in the piece. Can a reader help me?

Antique Picnic – Durant Thompson – Steel, Wood, Truck, Barbecue 7’X8’X17′ – $5000 

The second piece gives me a stronger reaction. When I first saw it I laughed and thought, “What a clever idea, to take a broken down vehicle and make something useful (a picnic table and barbecue grill if you can’t tell from the picture). The more I looked at it, the less enamored I became. I realize every artistic endeavor doesn’t isn’t making a statement, but this one seems to be. The more I thought about it, the less I liked the statement that was being made. What do you think it is saying, if anything? I started to feel it was a negative statement about our region, playing off the stereotype of broken down, rusted vehicles with flat tires sitting interminably in front of the house. Making matters worse, it is beside the convention center which hosts (when times are good) visitors from outside our area. Is this what we really want to present to them? On the other hand, maybe I’m making too much out of nothing or missing the point entirely. I’ll happily be educated, if you want to weigh in. Just be nice. This isn’t the comment board at the KNS site (thankfully).

Flow Mojo, Krutch Park, Knoxville

Finally, a reprise for a piece that I wrote about previously: Flow Mojo by artist Mike Roig. I picked it as my second most desirable piece to keep downtown and I later learned that it was voted the Best of Show by the Dogwood Arts judges. Maybe my taste is pretty good, after all. I do hope the city bought that one. If not, you only have a few weeks to come to Krutch Park and see it live and in action. The installation is due to be removed at the end of October.

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