Meet Ernie Henderson

A new busker has been spotted downtown in the last few weeks. He plays a mean guitar and he walks around with a very strange – and versatile contraption and generally wears a hood or toboggan. He said a local policeman had pronounced it street-legal. Sometimes he can be seen pulling it around like a cart, loaded with his guitar and who-knows-what-else. It also serves as a chair for him to use while he plays, has a head light and is double-locked. He will be happy to tell you about the various contributions his friends have made to his unique device. The head-covering is because he has a very unusual
metabolism. He prefers his weather in the 90s.

Pictured here playing in support of a drug-free Knoxville, he sometimes plays in local praise services and is a pleasure to talk to. You might have caught him on the strip on game day.

Ernie, who lives in Chattanooga, traveled with a friend, who is a city planner, earlier this year to Nashville and to Knoxville. He proclaimed Nashville “too fake” and he loved Knoxville the instant he hit town. It was then he decided to spend some time here with his instrument when he got the chance. He plans to stay until the end of September when he’ll return home. Listen to him bang on that guitar if you get a chance. He’s really worth the effort. And welcome him to town.