Brian and Briana

Brian on Union Street in Knoxville

I walked right past the guy with nothing more than a nod in his direction. I noticed his dog and my quick assessment was this was not a dog I wanted to pet. He looked a bit lean and, if not mangy, just not very attractive and, if it wasn’t a pit bull, it gave a close-enough impersonation for me. It was only when the woman pictured below motioned toward him, that I realized the man had a bird on his shoulder. His name was Brian and the bird was Briana. Brian was very generous to share his bird.
Brian places Briana on Urban Woman
Brian doesn’t live downtown, but likes to come to the city with one or more of his various animals. He is unusually talented in training them to do precisely as he asks. His dog fell at his feet as he commanded and didn’t budge until he was told to do so. His bird would do a variety of tricks, hopping from one finger to another, traveling up onto a shoulder as instructed and giving Brian a kiss when asked. He said the bird says, “Daddy’s home,” when Brian arrives home from his job as a pipe-fitter for TVA. He’s worked for them for twenty years and currently works at the Bull Run Steam Plant. This followed six years in the service.

A very gentle man, Brian said that he would never clip Briana’s wings because that is where she gets her beauty. Asked how he keeps her from flying away, he replied simply, “Love.”

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