Angels in the City

Knoxville is filled with all kinds of people. Some are a little strange (who you are dictates who is strange 🙂 ), some are funny, some are sad, some are a little scary, many are interesting and most of us are some of all of the above depending on the day you spot us.

Some people downtown are angels. I think maybe who you are and what you need dictates who your angel may be. Sometimes your angel might give you a flower if you need to be picked up – or your angel may spread rose petals on the sidewalk where you pass. Sometimes a dollar, a drink of water, a treat for your dog or a simple smile on the street marks your special angel.

One of the angels I ran into recently did a simple thing that made our whole table laugh, smile and have a better night. It was a Wednesday night we sat around a table in Coffee and Chocolate, talking about getting a new Metropulse before walking home. For the people who read from outside Knoxville, Metropulse is a free, weekly newspaper that often features information and articles about downtown. I think everyone who lives downtown reads it. It officially hits the street on Thursday, but everyone downtown knows it is placed in the rack on Wednesday evening. Leftovers, by the way, are dutifully recycled. I’ve seen them in the recycle bin on State Street.

Miss Metropulse/AKA Part Time Angel

So, we’d just mentioned getting it on the way home, when into view came a beautiful lady making deliveries. I pointed and said, “There it is, now.” I didn’t consider that she could see me point. She entered the coffee shop where she was to fill the racks. Before doing so she walked to our table and handed us each a fresh copy! Where else could you get your Metropulse delivered directly but downtown? It was a simple thing, but it added the cherry to the top of a very nice evening. She came and went so quickly I only had time to snap a picture and I didn’t get her name. I’ll call her Miss Metropulse and count her as one of my angels.

Who might your angel be? And to whom should you be an angel? Don’t miss your chance!