Unstoried Images from August

Saber-Toothed Tiger on Market Square
I called these “Homeless Images” last month, but later realized that could mean images of homeless people, which I sometimes include. To avoid confusion, I’ve changed the name this month. These are images that never found their way into a story, but I thought were worth posting. Sometimes my favorite pictures just don’t offer a full story and sometimes, I have other pictures I choose when I write the story. So, there you are. I hope you enjoy them. As always, remember, you can enlarge the image on your screen by clicking it.
Who knew firemen rode bicycles? And why?
Riot Police on Market Square
Can you name this politician? And who is that with him?
Large, modestly creepy guy in camo on Market Square
Nothing creepy here. An angel and Drop Dead Gorgeous from Hard Knox Roller Girls
Market Square, Late Sunday Evening
Immaculate Conception at Sunset