Quick! Before you read! Where could I find an owl downtown?

Former YMCA: Crown Court Condos

Here is another of those little things that are easy to pass by without tuning in. Several things make this little oddity easy to miss: It’s on Locust Street, which isn’t the most heavily traveled street downtown. It’s also four stories in the air, so if you are watching the sidewalk for loose change you don’t have a chance of catching it.

The old YMCA building has been subdivided into an excellent fitness center in the form of the Lindsey-Young Downtown YMCA located on the backside of the building and Crown Court Condos located on the front. It was updated in the last few years and is an excellent, modern facility.

The top floor of the Crown Court portion features a balcony on the east and south sides. I’m not sure if it is a balcony that is accessible from the condos. I’ve never seen anyone on them. Apparently, however, there must be a problem with the ease of access for pigeons or other winged pests because there are two very large owls located in one of the balconies. They don’t look friendly. One is facing out, while one is facing the other owl. I wonder if it works? Then again, I’m making some assumptions, here. Maybe the residents just like owls. Next time you pass by you may want to take a look. I took these photographs from the Locust Street Garage looking directly across the street at the YMCA Building.

After you check this one out, look for another one downtown. There is at least one. Can you be the first to find it?

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