If Dogs Run Free

Summit Hill/Central Avenue Entrance to the Downtown Dog Park

One of the things you might wonder about living downtown is how in the world anyone could have a dog without a big suburban yard for them to romp around in? The answer is that, depending on the dog, it’s not that hard. I would say big dogs are harder, because, obviously, they have to be in your house.

Central Avenue Entrance

That may be more significant than it is in the suburbs for a couple of reasons: First, there will likely be less space in your downtown home than in your suburban home, as long as the dollars spent are equal. Second, you can’t let them out the door to walk. You have to take them outside for exercise and to, well, you know. Even though it is more complicated, it must not be that hard because it seems that hundreds of people downtown have dogs.

It is made easier than it might have been in several ways. First, there are tasteful, green dispensers placed discretely throughout the various downtown green spaces. These contain bags for removing, well, processed dog food. There are also garbage cans nearby. The bags are supplied by Prestige Cleaners (yea Lance – see the post “Tuesday Afternoon Part One” from 6/6 if you don’t know who Lance might be) and they are almost always stocked and ready. Second, the restaurants (outdoor eating portions) and people in general are very dog friendly. Even some shops are dog friendly.

From a Dog’s Perspective

Finally, the ultimate help opened this spring in the form of the downtown dog park. The park opened in May with funding largely provided by PetSafe. It was welcomed by downtown dog owners and has been a great success. Most evenings will find anywhere from six to twelve dogs romping about and smelling, well, the things that dogs smell. It takes a bit of effort – the park is located at Central and Summit Hill – to get there from some parts of the city, but it is worth the effort and greatly appreciated. Remember, you can click the pictures to enlarge the cute critters.

Happy Urban Dog
Jake, the Most Famous Dog Downtown
Great Pyrenees at Farmer’s Market (95 lbs)
Lady Cleaning at Regal with her dogs
Shoe Shopping at Mast General Store with Dogs