Kuumba Ya My City, Kuumba Ya

I have to get on top of what is going on around here. I think I’m up on everything. I dare to leave my house without a camera and what happens? Kuumba breaks out on Market Square! I missed the parade and the featured dancers, but I caught a few songs by Steph Jones and thought he was pretty good. “Kuumba” is Swahili for “creativity,” and the Kuumba Festival is a celebration of African Heritage focusing on dance and song, as well as crafts and other arts. It has been sponsored once each year by the African American Appalachian Arts, Inc. since 1989. There were booths and artists and various activities. Lots of colors and hairstyles. One of my favorite things about an event like this is seeing happy children. You can see a fun video of a Zulu Stilt Dancer on Youtube from the 2008 festival. The event last four days and started at the Knoxville Museum of Art and Market Square before moving to Chilhowee Park for the subsequent days. I’ll try to watch for it next year and catch the parade!