Holidays Culminate with a Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year to each of you. I hope your holidays were as filled with family and friends, music and great food, as mine. I love me some low-key, drama free holidays and this one fit the bill. A lot of it involved simply enjoying what’s available to us all around downtown. We had guests, […]

An Urban Weekend in Downtown Knoxville

Sometimes a weekend comes along which encapsulates a large swath of the urban living experience. The simple range of what one encounters in an active downtown area is an attraction in itself. The weekend doesn’t have to include fireworks or festivals. Simple, common experiences cumulatively illustrate why so many of us are attracted to an […]

First Friday on the Other Side of the Tracks

I’ve been attending First Friday events in downtown Knoxville for maybe six or seven years and I’ve always enjoyed them. Whether I wander through the art galleries on the 100 block or through Krutch Park or Market Square simply to people watch, it’s always interesting. Often I skip around to various events, though sometimes I […]

Downtown Knoxville Snow Photographs, February 13, 2014, Part Two

I don’t have a lot to say about these, beyond, “here you go.” I hope you enjoy them. Folks seemed to like the first batch, so hopefully you’ll see some you like here, as well. A special thanks goes out to David Evola who provided me with photographs from Krutch Park. The snow people on […]

Seeing Knoxville Through Different Eyes

Have you ever noticed how different something looks when you see it through someone else’s eyes. Maybe you’ve assured your friend that a movie is fine for their child, but as you sit with them you realize it had a whole lot more of something in it than you remembered. Or you’ve dragged a friend […]