Body Mind Realign Chiropractic and Gratitude Bar Opens in the Old City

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

A small space at 111 N. Central – which is on a closed block for the moment – has opened for business as Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, adding to the range of services and goods quickly increasing in the Old City. Part chiropractic office, part retail and part natural oils served up in a martini glass, it packs a lot into its few square feet. Just a short trolley ride (my favoritie Green Line) from uptown, or a pleasant downhill walk takes you just a few feet past the center of the Old City to the front door.

A small table and chairs sit on the sidewalk, inviting pedestrians to move past the intersection. Once inside, music is playing, and an array of colors greet visitors off the street in the colorful shop. You’ll meet Dr. Jane George, DC who will warmly greet you. With a personality that fills the space, after a few minutes, you’ll feel as if you’ve known her for years.

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Dr. Jane George, Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Some of you actually may have known her for years as she grew up in Knoxville, graduating from Bearden High School before attending UT on a Grace Moore scholarship “for professional studies in the Bachelor of Music degree program in voice.” She left early to pursue a career as an actor and singer, eventually settling in Los Angeles where she raised two sons, among her other pursuits. Aiden Moore, her oldest, is a musician, with work represented on numerous television shows and his 2011 CD, “Good As New.” Her youngest is film director and writer Nathaniel Katzman who last month debuted his latest effort, “10 Days for Now,” at the American Film Institute in L.A.

During her years in L.A., Jane worked as a doula at a time there were only three in the city. She attended U.C.L.A. in premed, receiving her undergraduate degree in Biology. She shifted to a Ph.D. program in Research Biology, conducting studies in the Andes and the central California mountains. She left ABD because she realized she wanted a personal practice. She obtained her chiropractic degree at the Cleveland Chriropractic College in Los Angles and has practiced since. She becomes the first chiropractor in downtown Knoxville outside of the Lindsay Young YMCA.

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

She sees the discipline as being about supporting the body naturally. It’s a practice in functional medicine, looking where M.D.s might not attend, looking for natural solutions to what is blocked or out of line, including detoxifications, probiotics and the use of minerals to, “give the body support and balance.” It’s all about keeping the body aligned which, she notes, is the same goal as yoga. “Every part of the body takes signals from the brain and I clear obstructions to those signals.” She can “adjust the old-fashioned way,” she says, but she also uses, “ultrasound interferential current, myofacial work and Faktr Rapid Release Therapy. Resetting “firing patterns in muscles,” she points out, can improve everything from your golf game to basic mobility.

As if that isn’t enough, she’s also a certified hypnotherapist. It all fits together, she says, saying, “It’s really lifestyle management. It’s about happiness.” She says the other orientations of care; osteopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies and more, are becoming more accepted. She’s also combined her careers, teaching classes and doing workshops including, “The Anatomy of a Performer,” which she presented at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Gratatini Menu, Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

She returned to Knoxville last spring in order to be closer to her mother who was ill. She hadn’t been back often during her years away, but her memory of Knoxville was an exciting time when Kristopher Kendrick was saving buildings and the Old City seemed to hold so much promise. She actually sang in Annies, Lucille’s and Manhattan’s when she was a teenager and was delighted to get a spot so near those good memories. When building owner Jon Clark showed her the spot, she knew it was right for what she wanted to do.

And what she has done is quite a different hybrid of sorts. She wanted a concept that would pull people in, figuring the chiropractic portion will sell itself. That led to the Gratitude Bar portion of the business, in which she creates and serves “gratitinis.” The drinks are made of high-quality, organic, essential oils supplied from California. She mixes a drop or two into a martini glass andhe fills the glass with water she has charcoal filtered for three days, carbonates slightly and adds a touch of Indian sugar crystals.  The drinks are non-alcoholic. She also has martini glasses specially made for her by Matthew Cummings at Pretentious Glass. Each glass is stamped by Pretentious on the bottom and engraved with 37902. Customers  can have a drink and purchase the glasses, which are only available at Gratitude.

Expanding on the concept, customers will soon be able to purchase “Gratini Love Juice,” which will be made from her own recipes for which she will locally source cold pressed juices. She’ll also have hand-crafted almond milk. The juices will come in a variety of flavors and will be based on the Indian concept of “chakra.”

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Glarmoure Natural Love Doves, Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Beyond the glasses, she has a range of retail items unique to the shop and plans to expand her line. She has candles by Ianthe Mauro and her Objects with Purpose. The candles are wearable. That’s what I said: made of essential oils, once melted, they are to be rubbed into your skin. Jane’s offering, the Gratitude Candle, is only available in her shop. She has pocket angels, which are small pieces of pewter imprinted with angels, designed as gifts to encourage those who need it. You’ll also notice the “Love Dove” collection made by artist and fine jewelry maker Lori Innes who sells them in a shop on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.

Dawn Hawkins poses with her art, Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

Sunflower Image by Jeffrey Stoner

In addition to retail, chiropractic services and essential oil drinks, Jane also plans to use the space to promote local artists. She’ll feature one each month starting on First Fridays. The month is Knoxville artist Dawn Hawkins. April’s featured artist will be photographer Jeffrey Stoner who lives in east Tennessee and has published books of poetry,photographs and essays. Photographs from his, “Goats of Roan,” and “Wild Ponies of Grayson” series will be on display along with some of his sunflower photographs. Also featured, will be the glass art of Sam Meketon.

April 1,will be the grand opening. Upcoming special events include a workshop by Jordan Byrd, Knoxville’s only Pysanki artist who will teach batik and Celtic Knots. Tickets for that may be secured by calling 865-455-1750. First Saturdays will be “Close the Door” days from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. The doors will be locked an only those inside by 1:00 PM will get $4 Gratitinis and 10% off everything in the store. She’ll also do “Close the Door” parties for groups who request it.

Dr Jane poses with her Gratitini, Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, 111 Central Street, Knoxville, March 2017

So, drop in. Check out the merchandise, have a refreshing drink or get a full-body alignment. Play the guitar sitting in the corner and hang out. She’s open Noon to 6:00 PM Wednesdays and Thursdays, Noon to 8:00 PM on Friday and 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturdays. She may also open 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Saturdays. Chiropractic services require an appointment, which you may make for outside regular hours by calling or texting 865-455-1750 or make in person during regular hours.. In the meantime, give them a “like” and start following the Facebook Page.


  1. Jane George is a gifted and brilliant person in so many ways and her passion for chiropractor medicine is amazing. I have never known anybody with so many gifts to share. What a beautiful asset to any community; Knoxville be grateful for your lucky stars to have her In your midst along with her passion for Tennessee !!

  2. Dr. Jane – I appreciate your inviting me to be your artist for April and am looking forward to being there for First Friday April 7th. Knoxville’s First Friday’s are always a great time!

  3. Nicole Milsap says:

    Welcome to the Old City Dr. Jane. We are very excited to see a positive business like Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar open up here in Knoxville. The more businesses we have that support all things good, can only have a ripple effect on our city in a positive way. Positive In, Positive Out. Thank you for choosing Knoxville to call home again.

  4. Sabrina Greene says:

    We visited the Gratitude Bar on Saturday. It is an inviting kind place. We ran into several friends as well. I am excited about the Old City. If someone would only open up a true vegetarian/vegan eatery!

  5. Wishing you the best from the Wests, welcome to Downtown Dr. Jane,

    Twenty-five years ago, we opened Earth to Old City in the same building where Body Mind Realign Chiropractic and Gratitude Bar now resides, also in a tiny (400 sq ft) shop. It was the beginning of a very interesting journey for us in Downtown Knoxville 😉

    peace and freedom,
    Bernadette and Scott

    • Dr. Jane says:

      That makes total sense! Great vibe in the space and I really love being here. Thanknyoinfornsuch a warm welcome!

  6. I went to Chiropractic school with Dr. George and she would be a wonderful asset to any community. She brings a light of compassion and a spirit to uplift others in all that she does and that is an awesome thing anywhere. I wish her the best and Knoxville is truly blessed to have her!

  7. Rex Payne says:

    This place is awesome. Dr. Jane makes you feel welcomed and unrushed and the gratitini I had left me feeling relaxed and peaceful.

  8. Bryan Milsap says:

    A terrific article about a wonderful asset to our Old City to which I am a resident of! This article was spot on when it stated, “after a few minutes, you’ll feel as if you’ve known her for years,” when describing Dr. Jane George warm personality. This was definitely my experience! Her personality matches the space by making it inviting and comfortable. Upon my visit to Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar, not only did I have an indulging health benefiting gratitini, but it was served with a side of intriguing conversation with Dr. Jane about ways that she would like to contribute to this community. I love business owners whose focus is not solely for profit, but also cares about community. Welcome back to Knoxville, Dr. Jane George! I am personally glad you’re here!!

  9. Just plain exciting and inspiring. The Old City is on a roll! 🙂

  10. Just plain exciting and inspiring. Old City is on a roll.

  11. I lived in Knoxville for over 32 years and went to high school and college with Jane. She has always been a thoughtful, kind, and compassionate person. I have always loved the Old City and visited it this last Christmas. Her shop had unfortunately not opened yet. I can only see positives in Jane’s addition as it broadens choices, promotes healing and the arts, and builds on the Old City community beyond the addition of a bar or restaurant. It will be one of the first places I visit when I am in Knoxville again.

  12. This store is really tone deaf to what this area needs. I wish this business was a grocery store. Or just anything that the neighborhood has advocated for. Privelaged folks can afford individualized healing and oils for self care. They can also afford to drive to Bearden to get that. Among many other things that doesn’t include this business, East Knoxville wants to heal our community from violence and illness, have accessible fresh food that keeps us healthy, public schools that aren’t a railway to prison, and a city that listens to its citizens.

    • While there may be a need for all of those things, that is not the fault of Dr. Jane nor something you need to voice on the announcement of her new business. This may not be your “cup of tea,” but it is the perfect business for others. Instead of berating the good intentions of a newcomer to the area maybe you should congratulate her and wish her future success as every successful business in the area becomes a draw for more businesses to locate downtown.

      Glenn, may I suggest you direct your negativity towards a more positive pursuit like working to recruit businesses you feel more beneficial to the area. Build up instead of tear down.

      • Actually this business is my “cup of tea” and I don’t intend to be negative. I believe that to build your community, you need to be critical and protect it. I love Knoxville and I don’t want to be all inclusive to privelage. There’s many folks in our area that could have that building and use it for better good. It’s unfortunate that you can’t take this as an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with the community.

        • Was there a flood of businesses vying for the space? Did Dr. Jane prevent a different business from opening in that space? And from what I can tell, it’s a diminutive space so probably not a good candidate for a grocery store as you mentioned. I’m not sure why there’s an “either-or” here. Why can’t there be a “both”? From everything I know about her, Jane is one of the most giving, inclusive people I know — and I’ve known her since high school. She is not elitist. She would give her last dollar to help the very people you’re talking about wanting to include. She doesn’t deserve your negative energy.

          Again, might I suggest you take all of your energy and direct it towards recruiting those businesses you deem worthy.

          • Suzanne, Thank you for your support and such kind words. In a world that is so full of anger and discontent, I hope to be creating a safe space that honors love and health. You are so beautiful!

    • Hi Glenn! Dr. Jane here. I completely understand your position about the shape of how things are changing in the Old City. Let me address your concerns about not serving the community at large. I am a Chiropractic doctor. My goal is to support the community with first class love and care. I am only charging $50 for my adjustments I would rather treat a whole lot of people than to charge more and treat less. I believe in the power of chiropractic to help maintain health. Secondly, the Gratitude Bar brings a healthful alternative to the Old City which is currently full of bars. The Gratitinis are only $5. They are loaded with the power of plants and their healing properties. When we add the cold pressed juices, it might not be a grocery store, but we will be providing very healthy options for people who want to have access to such valuable food sources. The space is actually rather small and although I have packed in a lot of things into my tiny place, it could never be a market. Yes, I have included high end retail. Having retail space in the Old City, allows locals a place to pick up a lovely gift or something for themselves that is not available any where else in Knoxville. This is an asset to a community full of bars and restaurants. Also, I have invested in a gallery system which allows me to showcase local artists. They need places to show and sell their work. Artists also need income and support in our beautiful Old City. The Three Rivers Co-op is only blocks away. I appreciate your concerns and hope that this note helps you to understand that there is value in having a healing and creative space in my little corner. In love and light, Dr. Jane

      • PS. Tonight a group of lovely people who are in recovery came by amd sat for awhile. On a night full of drinking and revelry, they had a space that they could enjoy without the pressure of alcohol. Personally, I think this is a good thing for the community specifically in this way!

        • Thank you for providing a “dry” space for a fun evening out in a town full of bars and breweries. It is so needed!

          • Dr, Jane says:

            It was great to share space with you and your friends. I hope you will come back and hang out! I loved having you

    • I love how diverse and unique Knoxville is becoming. Having a spiritual, affordable space centered around health and wellness in our Old City is exactly what its community needs. I hope more places will build off of the theme that Dr. Jane George has set.

      She is an inspiration to know, and Body Mind Realignment is a wholesome and lovely space that I will be visiting often.

  13. The Y doesn’t list his services. I had no idea either. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. Sabrina DeVault-Greene says:

    I think his name is David Corbitt.

  15. There has been a chiropractor practice at the Lindsay Young YMCA for years. (Only pointing out that Jane George is not the first, as you said.)

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says:

      My mistake. I had no idea there was a chiropractor at the Y. I’ll correct the statement above.

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