An Interview with Tony Lawson as WDVX Celebrates 22 Years of Broadcasting Excellence

In the mid-nineties as my musical tastes increasingly diverged from popular music stations, I longed for another option. Having had strong ties to the radio stations of previous eras, I missed that bond. To be sure, I loved WUTK and listened to WUOT, but I wanted more. At about that time rumors began to circulate […]

Visit Knoxville Reveals New Look for the Knoxville Visitor Center

Yesterday, Visit Knoxville offered a small preview of the new look of the Visitor Center and today the public is invited in to experience the new space. Established in 2004, the basic look and design had not been given a makeover in the subsequent thirteen years. While visitors from other cities liked what they found, […]

Saturday Sounds: Heiskell with Wayne Bledsoe on Six O’Clock Swerve

I’d not had the chance to check out Wayne Bledsoe’s new WDVX show Six O’Clock Swerve until this week and it’s as good as I imagined it would be. It’s a combination that’s hard to beat: A venue with great lighting, no smoking and beautifully decorated and made for easily making good photographs, Knoxville’s most […]

Saturday Sounds: Fred Eaglesmith on the Blue Plate Special

Its seems to always be cold when Fred Eaglesmith comes to town. Good thing he brings his Traveling Steam Show to heat things up. It makes sense, actually, that Fred who was born and lives in Canada tends to tour the southern US when the hardest part of winter hits. The bus that carries them, […]

Saturday Sounds: Singer-Songwriter/Dixieland Jazz/Classical – Knoxville Has It All

Well, that was an interesting week. The weather took center-stage as institutions, businesses and events scrambled to avoid the falling snowflakes. As usual, some predictions of snow didn’t pan out, some did and sometimes the snow just fell when it was ready, leaving meteorologists scrambling in its wake. Music doesn’t get spared any more than […]