One Riverwalk Holds Grand Opening

It’s been long journey, but then it was a massive project. I think the first time I wrote about it the demolition had already begun and that was over five years ago. The project took some twists and turns along the way. Regal wasn’t involved when it started, for example, and then they wound up […]

Riverwalk at the Bridges (Baptist Hospital Site): The Latest

It’s another example of projects that take much longer than planned, often for multiple reasons, but do eventually come to fruition. It’s easy to dismiss ideas and plans that have been long discussed as no longer happening, but, for many, it’s simply a matter of perseverance. This particular project has persevered nearly as long as […]

An Update on Riverwalk at the Bridges (The Baptist Hospital Site)

It’s been a long and winding road to the ultimate development of the Baptist Hospital site. As far as I can determine, I first mentioned it on the blog in an April, 2014 article looking at the hospital’s past and present. That article references a Josh Flory article from June, 2013 which announced the first […]

Update on Regal Headquarters/Baptist Hospital Site (Riverwalk at the Bridges)

After I reported the announcement that Regal Headquarters would move to the waterfront, a number of questions presented themselves. Many of you responded with some healthy skepticism and questions both about the Regal deal and about the larger picture for the site. It seemed like a very sweet deal for Regal and questions were raised […]