Here’s the Heart of the City on a Wednesday Night

About 8:30 last night Urban Woman decided I should walk to Market Square to secure some yogurt from Orange Leaf. I didn’t object. As always happens when I leave home without my camera – something that is pretty rare – I see things that need to be photographed. After fulfilling my yogurt duties I got […]

Seeing Knoxville Through Different Eyes

Have you ever noticed how different something looks when you see it through someone else’s eyes. Maybe you’ve assured your friend that a movie is fine for their child, but as you sit with them you realize it had a whole lot more of something in it than you remembered. Or you’ve dragged a friend […]

Quick Hit: Two Things You Need To Know Now!

I’m not about to start adding Saturday blog posts to my to-do list, but this just had to go out. Sadly those who haven’t subscribed to the blog (it’s to the right of this post) will miss this until it’s too late. First, one of my absolute favorite events is happening tomorrow: The City People […]

Goodbye to 11 Cafe – Knoxville Business Updates for September 2012

Several business related news items have circulated the last couple of weeks and seemed worth a mention. One closing in particular took me by surprise. Only nine months ago I noted the opening of a new coffee shop on the 100 Block, and now comes word from owner Mustapha Moussa that it is closing. 11 […]

Dogwood Arts Festival, Market Square Art Fair, Part 2

Most of the day Saturday I enjoyed the Market Square Art Fair, allowing time to take a bit of a nap back at the house somewhere in the middle of the day. I’m certain the volunteers and workers had to be exhausted because it completely ran me down just hanging out with those hard-working people.¬†And […]