Harrogate’s Lounge, Downtown’s Arcade and Bar, Opens on Gay Street

It took a little longer than Anne Ford and Matt Pancetti might have hoped. Last October when I announced we had arcade games on the way to Gay Street, they hoped to be up and running before Thanksgiving. That proved a little more ambitious than realistic, but after a few delays, the couple opens the […]

Postcards from the City, Summer 2013

We’ll ease into the weekend with some of my sights of the city. These are photographs that show one side or another to life downtown, though they don’t necessarily need a blog of their own. I’ve written recently about the new buskers we have in town. Now I’ve seen even more. Iron Man was definitely […]

Friday Free-For-All

Today I’m going with some images that never quite rose to the level of needing their own blog, but which I wanted to work in at some point. I’ll start with Sam (Samantha) Hatmaker who you see pictured above. I took these photographs when she played the Market Square Stage a few weeks ago. I’m […]

Jewelry Store Coming to Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville . . . and more First Friday Fun Facts

First Friday holds so much promise each time out. I’m likely to hear some great music, feast my eyes on fascinating art, dine on delicious food, visit with friends, make new friends and always the possibility of seeing something completely unexpected lurks around every corner. And sometimes new information might just be learned. This past […]

Yes, Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern is Open!

I don’t think I’ve had another topic interest readers as much as Suttree’s. I wrote about the pending opening three months ago and that post just keeps on getting the hits. I doubt a day has gone by that someone hasn’t found the blog via Google search or through a link on someone else’s blog […]