Glimpses of Spring, Knoxville 2016

Even though today’s morning temperatures may not acknowledge it, the truth is spring has sprung and it’s one of the most beautiful times to live in east Tennessee. Don’t let the perfect days or afternoons pass without notice because soon enough we’ll wonder where spring went as we swelter through the summer. So, here’s to […]

Sights of the City, Spring 2013

I can’t imagine a more perfect weekend in the city. For my money, this could be summer weather. I’ve only been to San Francisco and Paris one time each, so I realize this isn’t a fair sample, but when I visited each of those cities in June or July, it was very cool in the […]

Spring Photos with Cannon T3 and Zoom Lens

Knoxville Skyline, March 2012 I’m very slowly experimenting with my camera. I’ve tried most of the pre-settings. I still lean on “automatic” a good bit, but I’m pretty fond of other settings, such as “flash off,” “landscape,” “portrait,” and “sports.” The camera does really well with minimal light and no flash, avoiding the “washed out” […]