Glimpses of Spring, Knoxville 2016

Even though today’s morning temperatures may not acknowledge it, the truth is spring has sprung and it’s one of the most beautiful times to live in east Tennessee. Don’t let the perfect days or afternoons pass without notice because soon enough we’ll wonder where spring went as we swelter through the summer. So, here’s to […]

Small Changes and Big Chances for Downtown Knoxville

Changes are often so subtle or gradual that we don’t notice them at first. Taken together they can make a real difference in the environment around us which, in this case, is a city. The path pictured above is the most recent, widely obvious change to downtown. Put in place to deal with the difficulties […]

Sharing the City as it Turns Towards Christmas

  This marked the second weekend in a row that we’ve hosted people from outside the city. Last weekend it was friends of the family and their significant others – all in their twenties – in town for the Auburn game. This weekend really started Wednesday night with the arrival of my brother, who was joined […]