A Blazing Hot Weekend of Blazing Hot Fun

I realize you don’t come here for your weather report but I can’t help myself. The heat is more a personal enemy as I try to walk as much as possible to the places I need or want to go. It hasn’t gotten easier as I’ve gotten older and the temperatures have gotten higher. Thankfully […]

Asian Festival Highlights a Fun-Filled Weekend

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the “recent unpleasantness,” from last weekend, but what an incredible, fun-packed weekend it was! The Market Square Farmers’ Market is at its peak. The Lego Fan Expo in the Convention Center paired off with the sixth annual Tattoo Convention at the Holiday Inn to keep the World’s […]

Yoga, Dragon Boats, Rappelling and Block Parties, Oh My!

I absolutely cannot let this past weekend go without comment. Last Saturday offered downtown residents a stunning array of possible activities. We had the Market Square Farmers’ Market, a Jazz Festival featuring all day jazz events at Scruffy City, a CD release party with Keith Brown and a Jazz Jaunt with Jack Neely, as well […]

Want to Rappel From a Downtown Building? Here’s Your Chance!

We’ve talked in this space about rappelling from parking garages. In particular, we’ve talked about rappelling from the Walnut Street Garage (the new one). This is close. Canadian company with a US division Over the Edge, in conjunction with Restoration House, is bringing a one-day event to the Langley Building itself – which at twelve stories […]