Three Downtown Businesses Announce Permanent Closures

It seemed likely that there would be businesses which simply could not hang on during months of shutdowns, illness of employees and the discomfort many feel venturing out. Other variables also impact particular businesses in ways we might not expect. Some of the closures we’ll see in coming months were likely coming for other reasons. […]

You Can Do That Downtown? A Few Things That Might Surprise You

Some of these may be obvious to those of you who are downtown often, but I bet one or two of them might surprise a lot of people who think they know downtown very well. We all know there isn’t a full-scale grocery store or computer store downtown. But what are a few of the […]

Doing Business in the City (Sometimes Government Works)

We all know that thousands of people work downtown every day. Obviously, they are taking care of business. A few of them live downtown, as well. Still, while we know there are people working in the city, many people tend to think of downtown as the place you go to attend events and have fun. […]