Mardi Growl 2019 Kicks Off Festival Season

It was a bit chilly for this year’s edition of the Young Williams’ Mardi Growl event, but not nearly so bad as it could have been. A large crowd of humans and canines lined the parade route and, at least from my vantage, no puppy problems ensued as the costumed canines cavorted their way past. […]

Mardi Growl 2017

Mardi Growl, sponsored each year by Young-Williams Animal Center, and this year presented by the Old City Wine Bar, has come to serve as the unofficial kick-off for festival season, which is expanding to be approximately nine months long from the looks of it. Knoxville is so dog-friendly that it only seems fitting that our […]

People of Mardi Gras, Mobile 2016

Just as the title suggests, here are a few of my favorite people shots from the second day. The Joe Cain Parade is deliberately more of a “people’s parade” and the floats are less spectacular. That said, the day is absolutely fantastic for people watching. I’m posting a few here and within the next half […]

Happy Mardi Gras 2016, Mobile Style

The last time I attended a Mardi Gras parade or event was, I think, 1974. I grew up in and around Mobile, Alabama and it was part of the culture. I thought everyone had Mardi Gras and took the parades, music and revelry for granted. I moved away in 1980 and was shocked to find […]

Mardi Gras + Knox Heritage = Knoxville on a Friday Night

It might seem like a bit of a stretch: Mardi Gras in the Appalachians. Even short of that, for those of us with a little purple and gold, floats and doubloons in our blood, September seems like a pretty strange time of year for the event. Combine them both and you’ve got a fun Knox […]