Find Your Books: Downtown Library, Union Avenue Books Open With New Twists (Plus a Weekend Recommendation!

Today the Lawson McGhee Library is open for business downtown, as well as seven other of the nineteen Knox County Public Library locations across the county. Each branch and the downtown library will open up to the same schedule they had prior to the recent closure. 102 of the library’s furloughed employees returned to their […]

A Downtown Amenity for Children Hiding in Plain Sight

While it might look quiet on the outside, if you enter the Lawson McGhee Library, take a sharp left and walk down a flight of stairs, it’s likely on any given day that you’ll encounter a sudden burst of joyous energy. It’s a trek that children and parents from all around the county take on […]

Cormac McCarthy, A German Band and a Freshly Painted Wall

Many of us love both books and Knoxville. When the two merge in the form of Knoxville writers or writing about Knoxville, it’s a pretty heady intersection for someone like myself. Knoxville has lots of literary connections, none more celebrated than Cormac McCarthy, though he wasn’t the first to win a Pulitzer. That would be […]

2015 Children’s Festival of Reading is Great Fun for the Everyone

That reading is an essential skill to be encouraged in our culture, I hope is a point on which we all agree. Unfortunately, I fear it is an endangered practice. I’m afraid, frequently, most adults read a few articles, but more likely read captions and look at photographs or video for information and enjoyment. If […]

Now the Books: Children’s Festival of Reading 2013

I told you last week there were two world-class festivals in town for the weekend and I really meant what I said. The International Biscuit Festival gets great press, as it should, and twenty thousand people attended. But there was another reason those parking garages filled so quickly and completely last Saturday morning: an estimated […]