Knox County Board of Health Meeting (9/16/2020)

The board was joined by Dr. Gregg and Dr. Plowman from UT and David Sanders from the Knox County Law Office. All members were present. Mayor Kincannon and KPD Chief Thomas also joined as the meeting proceeded. Dr. Buchanan presented the current status of Knox County and reviewed the benchmarks as reported in the previous […]

Knox County Board of Health Meeting 9/2/2020

The meeting was joined last night by Dr. Gregg and Chancellor Plowman from UTK. The meeting began, once more, with a public forum: Charlotte Myer requested that computers at public libraries be made available, once more, as they are important for people who do not have internet connections. She suggested they be spaced for social […]

Two Small Groups Will Help Make Major Decisions on Opening Up Businesses and Schools: Who Are They?

Control Over Re-Opening Businesses is Turned Over to the Board of Health When the surprise announcement was made last Friday that future decisions regarding the path forward for businesses and citizens in the county would be shifted from Dr. Martha Buchanan with the Knox County Health Department to the Knox County Board of Health, many […]

COVID-19: 4/9/2020 Update (Including today’s Health Department Briefing)

Each day brings what seems like another whip-lash moment: The death toll will be in the millions or the death toll will be much smaller than anyone feared. The stock market is crashing beyond all hope or the stock market is poised to deliver generational increases. Schools will never reopen or schools should be able […]

COVID-19: 4/6/2020 Updates (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

I hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had over the weekend. Spring is springing no matter what is going on with the humans, and it is beautiful, as always. As a bonus, West Knoxville got to see a double rainbow yesterday, and in Downtown we had a […]