Knoxville in the Snow, January 2014

Well, it figures that after quite a few predicted snows that never materialized we’d finally get one when no one called for it. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve about had it with this cerebral cortex. It’s really gotten inside my head. What? I’d suggest that we also make a new rule: Immediately […]

Images from the City, March 2013

As I’ve done from time to time, today I’ve got a few images that never found a place in a blog post, but which I’d like to pass on with a few thoughts sprinkled in. Most of these come from my annual Christmas walk around the city. Churches are among my favorite buildings to photograph […]

Christmas Observances in the City

I posted the services and observances for the various downtown churches last year and people seemed to appreciate it, so I’ll repeat it here. Downtown grows very quiet on Christmas eve (the actual evening, not so much earlier in the day) and certainly into Christmas Day. It’s actually one of my favorite times downtown because […]

Knox Heritage Walking Tour and last thoughts on biscuits and hygiene issues

This one will be a bit of an ambling, rambling post tying together loosely connected thoughts. I’ll start with one of my favorite activities of Biscuit Day: The kickoff for the Knox Heritage Historic Knoxville Downtown Walking Tour. Kim Trent personally led the first official tours using the new brochure which is designed to be […]