Fort Kid Planning Session Reveals Rifts, Input Solicited

The first of the planned community input sessions regarding the design of the new version of Fort Kid was held at the Knoxville Museum of Art before what might come to pass as a large group in the current atmosphere. Charles Lomax, Community Empowerment Director for the City of Knoxville, led the meeting and started […]

Fort Kid to be Spared Thanks to Donations

It’s been a part of our family off and on since it was built in the early 1990s. I have vague memories of work days with Urban Daughter tagging along with a friend. Maybe the mind does tricks. But she and friends went there and it was part of their childhood even though we lived […]

Bar Marley Throws a Party, Plus More from the Weekend

It was a crazy active weekend downtown. Urban Woman pointed out on Saturday that she’d had a hard time walking through the Market Square/Krutch Park area. One of the ripple effects of having game weekends in the fall, which are always crazy because of the game, is that the other weekends are targeted for every […]

Children in the City: Fort Kid

It’s a topic I suppose I’ll have to return to more than once: children in the city. Sometimes people directly say or imply that the city is no place for children. I often hear people suggest that “when the kids are grown” they will move to the city or that living in the city is […]