Union Avenue Books Announces Expansion

  Nobody reads anymore, right? The independent bookstore is dead and digital reading devices have replaced traditional books. If anyone wants a book, they order it online. Right? Apparently, the simplistic narrative doesn’t tell the complete story. Union Avenue Books, founded by Flossie McNabb and currently co-owned by Flossie and her daughter Bunnie Presswood, Knoxville’s […]

Celebrations and Shakespeare in the City

Late last week downtown was filled with celebrations of various sorts. Interestingly, three events in two days centered on literary achievements of sorts. Tuesday evening saw a celebration of a surprise publication and of the beginning of a journey to New York City for another. Thursday saw an annual production that honors the most esteemed […]

A Portrait of a Friend: Flossie McNabb, Union Avenue Books and the Heart for our City

I think it was around 1995 when I first met Flossie McNabb, currently owner of Union Avenue Books. I’d wandered into Davis-Kidd Bookstore after seeing a notice there would be a discussion there of Faulkner’s Sound and the Fury. I’d recently decided that if I intended to be a southern author, I should probably read […]