We Talked About History All Week, Had a History Fair and Now Turn to Science (of the History Making Sort)

Has there been a week in which more Americans discussed our history than this past week? While the controversy over Confederate monuments isn’t new – New Orleans removed theirs with great angst on all sides this past winter – certainly, the extent of the nationwide public conversation born out of the events in Charlottesville was […]

Mixing It Up in the City: Base Ball and Tattoos

One of my favorite elements of urban life is the odd juxtapositions often visible on the streets. Last Saturday offered one of my favorite mash-ups. On one side of the World’s Fair Park, as a part of the East Tennessee History Fair, teams of vintage baseball players enjoyed a version of America’s pass-time even more […]

Inside the Mechanics’ Bank and Trust Building

I’d never been inside the Mechanics’ Bank and Trust Building before last Saturday and I’d wondered about it. Sitting at 602 S. Gay Street, it’s easily one of the most striking buildings on a street that has no shortage of attractive facades. The bottom three floors and mezzanine were built in 1907, with the top […]

East TN History Center: There’s a lot Going On

Urban Girl and I have been hanging around together a lot the last couple of weeks and it’s caused me to take some fresh looks at some things I’ve allowed to blend into the background. One of those is the East Tennessee History Center at 601 South Gay. I’d heard from my friend Mary Pom […]

The James Park House

While Urban Woman and I missed a few parts of the East Tennessee History Fair. I’ve already mentioned the Roy Acuff fiddle, which I believe has come home to live, so I’ll see it later. We also missed the David Crockett birthday party, due to the fact that Urban Girl needed a nap and, well, […]