Jacks of Knoxville Opens Today

If the future of brick and mortar retail is local and regional, Jacks of Knoxville is hitting all the right notes. Located at 133 South Gay Street, the new store owned and operated by downtown residents Katherine and Logan Higgins, opens today with a wide range of products from Knoxville and a bit further out. […]

A Downtown Business Moves to Fountain City

It’s been a bit of a moving target over the years, for various reasons. I first wrote about it in February 2013 when a second location for the west Knoxville business opened a half mile out of the Old City. Nostalgia on McCalla represented a push of downtown’s eastern boundary at the time and the […]

A Market Square Business and a Union Avenue Business Close

It’s a truth that may be hard to keep in focus in these heady times in downtown Knoxville, but businesses don’t always make it and the ones that are successful for a period of time don’t stay forever. There may be direct and obvious causes or there may be nothing discernible beyond the simple numbers. […]

The Impeccable Pig Closes on Market Square

It’s been a while since I reported a closing on Market Square. Since a spate of closures around the end of 2014, I don’t think a single business on the square has called it quits. Coldstream Market moved from the square to their new location on Union Avenue and Rococo/Knoxville Graphic House moved to Ailor […]

New Event Space, “221,” Holds Grand Opening Tonight

You may never have considered the building as a whole, though you may have eaten at Frussie’s recently or the Laurel Mountain Eatery before it. The building at the corner of Cumberland and Gay is also home to Cook Loft, a 2200 sq. ft. luxury condo (2 BR, 2 1/2 baths) on the top floor. […]