Turning a Dysfunctional Eyesore into a Critically Functional Work of Art

It’s a staircase I suspect most people who come downtown haven’t even noticed. It’s often dirty, smelly and it’s built just a bit different from most stairwells – it sort of spirals, but not quite. The location doesn’t inspire many people to use it – it leads from a spot most people don’t walk – […]

Perennial Question: What Does Downtown Need?

It may be the most asked question in Knoxville at least for this young millennium, second perhaps only to, “Can I have money for the bus?” Metro Pulse used to keep it posted as a never-ending source of conversation, if not amusement. But what’s the answer? It’s complicated. A lot depends on who you ask. […]

Want to Re-design the Trolley Routes? Here’s Your Chance!

Today starts the first in a series of public hearings regarding the downtown Trolleys and, particularly, their routes. This is not the first time public input has been requested, with the most recent efforts being in 2010. A lively discussion was held then and some changes for the better were instituted. At that time, Michael […]

A Look Inside the Medical Arts Building: Now Taking Leases

It’s accepted by those who pay careful attention to downtown buildings that the Medical Arts Building on Main Street is one of the most beautiful in the city. With its Gothic touches and ornate flourishes, it is striking to the most casual observer. It’s hard to think of a more architecturally detailed entrance to a […]

A Different Kind of Parking Issue

We’ve talked about parking from every possible angle, right? We’ve covered the damage surface parking lots do to the city. We’ve talked about expansion of parking garages, the construction of parking garages and, recently, the possible demolition of a parking garage. We’ve talked about the myth that there is no parking downtown and argued about […]