One Business Closes, Another Moves Farther Out

The 100 block of South Gay Street is one of the few places downtown that people refer to by its number, often leaving off the name as unnecessary. It’s really the only block I’ve heard people reference this way until recently when the “700 Block” gained some currency due to the protracted construction there. I […]

As Seen on First Friday

Before we dive head-long into news from the city this week, I wanted to acknowledge the pleasant First Friday just ended. We may have caught the best weather for a February First Friday ever, as temperatures moderated under blue skies. I’m not sure the pleasant temperatures registered in the public brain because attendance in general […]

Bula Boutique Opens on the 100 Block

Two months ago today I wrote about a new boutique coming to 115 South Gay Street. Brandon Rader and Julia Ford schooled me on east coast and west coast fashion. For someone whose color palette runs from dark blue to black, it was a struggle. It’s not necessary for me – or you – to […]

New Store: Bula Boutique Opening Soon on the 100 Block

“Bula” literally means “life” in Fijian, but it’s used to express much more. Good wishes, wishes for good health and happiness. It’s a greeting and a farewell. It’s the happiness vibe that co-owners Brandon Rader and Julia Ford want customers to feel when they walk into Bula Boutique, opening later this fall at 133 South […]