Knox County Schools and TVA Near Deal: Andrew Johnson Building Hangs in the Balance

An agreement in principle has been reached between Knox County and TVA to have the school system offices moved to TVA’s east tower. The deal also involves Summer Place and was explained yesterday to a joint meeting of the school board and county commission. The commission must give final approval before the contract can be […]

Andrew Johnson Building Development: Terminus and Legacy Proposal

As I mentioned last week, the Andrew Johnson Building, formerly the Andrew Johnson Hotel, currently owned by Knox County and used primarily as a home for the central offices for the Knox County Schools, has been offered for sale to the group offering a winning proposal. Previously we looked at the proposal by LHP and […]

Andrew Johnson Building to be Redeveloped: A Look at LHP/Conversion Property’s Proposal

It may be a turning point of a more subtle sort. We’ve talked about the shift from converting derelict downtown buildings into modern uses – often residences. The supply of downtrodden buildings has dwindled and most activity in the center city has shifted to ground-up construction. This might appear to be more of the former, […]