Partial Coffee to Open on Broadway

Earlier this month, I recapped Open Streets 2023. While there, I found an unfamiliar coffee stand, so I had to stop and try them out. Shay Gregory was there representing his new coffee shop, Partial Coffee and Wine. I had a tasty latte with wildflower syrup, perfect for that hot afternoon. I found out he was brand new and expected to open soon.

Shay and his wife met at the College of Charleston and moved to Knoxville for her to pursue her PhD. While neither lived here originally, Knoxville worked its charm, and they have called it home for over 5 years. Shay gained experience in the coffee world working with Honeybee Coffee as a barista and then in management. This allowed him to see behind the scenes what goes into a well-sourced bean, the types of roasts, and the most effective ways to pour and serve each one. He tells me he is grateful for the opportunity Norris Hill, owner of Honeybee Coffee, gave him to learn and grow through his time there.

While recognizing that this is “another coffee shop,” he hopes to bring a sense of community and personal service that will make them stand out. All the coffees that Partial will serve will be rated high on the coffee rating score. Just like wine shows terroir, coffee does the same. Shay plans to emphasize this and bring coffee from all over the world. He will have light roasts from Europe, the Netherlands, and others that provide a heavier roast. His goal is to emphasize the opportunity to appreciate the kind of coffee you enjoy and learn about those you may have yet to encounter.

His slogan is “A little bit of everything every now and then.” The vision for Partial is centered around exercising our ability to try new things; to enjoy beverages in ways that may differ from our regular patterns. Expect a changing menu from a range of producers!”

At Partial Coffee and Wine, you can expect the traditional espresso drinks you love with a few flavored syrups and your choice of milk(with no upcharge for the type of milk you choose). They will have tonics year-round and offer teas with at least three chia blends, and other popular styles customers are looking for. Shay will have the coffee basics many have come to expect on a café menu but will listen to his customers and make changes and additions based on feedback.

Eventually, the goal is to serve wine as well. Shay was excited about the opening of Zero/Zero Wine Bar. They are following the same values in sourcing their wine list as Shay is in sourcing his coffee beans and, eventually, his wine list. When he gets licensed to serve wine, the cafe hours will change to add in the evenings. He will also have mocktails and other nonalcoholic options for customers. They will have pastries in the mornings with coffee service and grilled cheese with the wine service, and small grab-and-go snacks throughout the day. Girls Gotta Eat Good will be one of their partners.

Partial Coffee and Wine, June 2023, 826 N. Broadway

Shay credits Juliana Eduardo of Urbano Group, LLC, for helping him get the café off the ground and encouraging him throughout the process. Julianna owns the building Partial Coffee resides in and has plans for a coworking space, Air BNB apartments, and residential spaces in other parts of the building. Her experience in the business has helped him to keep going. Shay’s wife has been instrumental in supporting him as well.

The location at 826 N. Broadway may initially raise an eyebrow, but with the development progression along Broadway, he feels he is in a prime location in Old North Knox and Fourth and Gill. Shay and his wife have bought a home in the area and are planting their roots deep in the community. Parking is challenging in that area, so they will be leasing spaces in Broadway Baptist Church’s parking lot across the street. You can’t miss the colorful building right next to Architectural Antics. The art is bright and bold and makes it stand out. The murals were done by Mexican artist Leonardo Romero, who recently had an exhibition at Hola Hora Latina. He also completed the interior of the building.

Partial Coffee and Wine, June 2023, 826 N. Broadway

Pets and their humans will be welcome on the patio area, but inside the café will be humans only. There will be seating for 40 customers inside with more outdoors. Shay will keep his staff intentionally small and be there full-time himself. This allows him to establish relationships with his customers. Their hours will be 7:30-2 Wednesday-Sunday for their soft opening beginning in July, with a larger grand opening planned for early fall when he opens the wine bar concept at the cafe.

Watch Instagram for the announcement of the opening of Partial Coffee and for more information, email