Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2017

Jessi Queen, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Each year I write about the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk, I’m tempted to say the art is better than it’s ever been. Looking at the art included here (and that not included), it’s easy to see the source of the temptation. But then, there have been many amazing drawings in previous years, so maybe it’s best to say it continues to maintain the very high standards it has set for itself.

Alyssa Chavez and Alex Sabau, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017-2.CR2

Bearden High School Chapter One, National Art Honor Society, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Carla Christiansen, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

This year’s event featured more artists than ever before and it felt that way, with artists spread from the Market Square stage to the southern end of Krutch Park, lining both sides of the square, filling the park and spilling over to the sidewalk on the opposite side of Market Street. And the crowds were as big as any I remember, filling the square to the point of making it difficult to simply walk through, let alone get a very good look at the art. The best viewing may have been around 7:00 PM – when the awards were distributed and the event ended.

Cathryn Bozone, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

It is one of our best events in so many ways and I’m very happy that this year it didn’t compete with any other major downtown events, as it has in the past. The years when the weather is good – and it was pretty good this year – families gather to render their artistic statements, as do friends and single artists and people of all ages. Welcoming to novices, as well as professionals, it’s at once both fun and a serious competition.

Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Cody Swaggerty, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Curtis Glover, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Elizabeth Lynch and Jerry Lewis, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Presented each year by Dogwood Arts and managed by Oak Ridge artist, Jim Dodson and Kathy Slocum, it’s a great time to be on the square. I also appreciate that it enlivens the square in the days that follow as people seek out the art until it has completely faded.

Fawne DeRosia, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Gibbs H.S. Art Club, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Halls High School Art Club, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Jennifer Wolery and Stephanie Hacker, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

I took these photographs Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I tried to label the artists, but some of the names were missing when I got to them. Some of the drawings were also damaged beyond the point that they seemed worth photographing. Additionally, some of them extended beyond what I’ve shown, but were cropped for the photographs.

Kat Lyon and Touranne Nguyen, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Lauryn Darby, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Ryne Sandberg, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

Zachary Herndon, Chalk Walk, Knoxville, April 2017

I’ve included some that struck me and for which the photographs turned out well, but there are many other excellent drawings. I’ll have my full 120 photograph collection, which contains virtually all of the drawings, on the Inside of Knoxville Facebook page later today. You’ll find a list of winners here.


  1. Jim Dodson says:

    Thank you my friend for all you do for Downtown Knoxville and for your coverage of the Chalk Walk for several years. Both Kathy and I love bringing this experience to our community and are looking forward to the Tenth Anniversary of the event next year!

  2. Andrea Murphy says:

    Love, Love Love All these…. Especially the pets and Frieda Kahalo as I go to Mexico on a monthly basis from California ! Thanks for All the hard work.

  3. Ken Sparks says:

    Amazed at the level of detail with chalk. Not exactly something used to put a fine point on anything, except those points the teacher was trying to make on the black board, back when chalk was once used in schools. Also amazing is how many artists are now participating in this. Good showing!

  4. Jane George says:

    WOW…we are so fortunate to have so much talent in our Scruffy City! Sharing this on FaceBook!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Props to the Chalk Walk founder, Kathy Slocum, for her dedication and hard work preparing for this event year-after-year. Her and Jim make a fantastic team as co-chairs for this wonderful event.

  6. John O. says:

    The photos of Chalk Walk 2017 are superb. The lighting, particularly as shown against the black background of your web page, presents the artwork better than does the real view. Keep up the great work!

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