Rossini Festival 2012

Well, as I said, I had to tend to family business this weekend and missed all the goings on. I hope each of you had a great several days packed with parades, festivals, music and a little bit of activism or good-will activities as well.

I received an e-mail from a long-term reader and soon-to-be full-time resident of Knoxville regarding the festival and I asked if I might pass his thoughts and photographs along as today’s post. He graciously agreed. Many of you know Greg from his frequent comments over the last couple of years on this blog. His perspective is always a little different and maybe shaped by the fact that he has spent a good bit of time in a city just a bit larger than this one with a few more buildings, people and a place they call “Central Park.” Welcome to town, Greg and thanks for the photos and perspective.

His theory is that “Knoxville’s Rossini Festival is mostly about innovative ways to torture children for fun and profit.” While I’m sure he noticed the great music, good food and general great vibe downtown, he took particular notice of the various torture devices employed on our children. I’ll let him finish the perspective:


“First we have the water balls. Seal child inside, float on water, watch child fall.

“Next hang child from cords, lift into air, bounce.
“On to the land-based torture ball, a diabolical variation on the water-based balls.
Lastly …. the nefarious metal thingee. Strap in child, spin until barfs.”
It is possible that Greg was a bit hyper-focused on child torture in his report. I suspect there was great food, music and great crowds to watch. Send in your pictures or report if you’d like to flesh out his presentation a bit. In the meantime: Thanks for the photos and perspective, Greg.