"Summer Time, Time and the Living is Easy"

It is summer, once more, and I’m going to take the opportunity to slow the pace down a bit for myself. It is widely reported that over a million blogs have been abandoned after one post and that the majority are abandoned after one month. Those that last tend to become more sporadic in the frequency of new posts. I never planned to post every day and I didn’t start out that way, but I knew that posting often was important to building readership, so I’ve posted often.
It really isn’t easy to post every day and have the posts be anything more than a trite comment. It isn’t that there is a lack of topics downtown, it’s more that I always try to have something worth readng often the posts take two hours or more to write. Combine being a blogger with having a family and a full-time job and it becomes difficult to keep up with the blog through family emergencies, trips out of town, illness and everything else that life throws in the way.
So, I’ve got some personal events and business that will take a larger amount of my time over the next few weeks and while I intend to post several times each week, I will not post everyday until some of the other parts of my life become more simple. For a few weeks we’ll just slow the pace and take the living a little more easy.
Sometime during July or the beginning of August I’ll pick the pace back up and maybe I’ll return to posting everyday. In the meantime, if you want to be alerted when something is posted, subscribe through the link to the right and you’ll be in business. For now, let’s all grab a cool drink and kick back just a little.