Saturday in the Park (Square)

If you haven’t been to Market Square on a Saturday, recently, you owe it to yourself to drag out of bed and get down there. If you are interested in buying produce or even catching the best part of the vibe, I’d encourage you to be there no later than 10:00. The Farmer’s Market forms the centerpiece of activity, and the largest part of the vegetables are now coming in.

If you want fresh lettuce, tomatoes, squash, flowers, black berries, blue berries, locally cultivated honey or fresh baked bread of any type of your choosing, this is your place. But there is so much more. Hand-crafted items from toys to clothes, used musical instruments and coffee from Java for those of you who just can’t make it all the way down the hill to the old city. I’m pretty sure this is Josh Sidman who has a recently opened vintage instrument shop in North Knoxville and who may be the only person ever to leave San Francisco for Knoxville because of the music scene.

Live music threatens to break out in every direction at any time. This particular Saturday the band that played at WDVX the previous night was front and center in the middle of Union Street. A better blogger would remember their name. Do you know? Drop me a line.

Also visible that morning was the new bicycle advertising effort in the city. It’s pretty eye-catching the first time you see it. Whatever your interest, any given Saturday from now through November the Square is a great place to relax and watch the parade of humanity, if not to pick up a fresh piece of produce and enjoy.