Demolition of the McClung Warehouses

I’ve said very little about the McClung Warehouses since the fire. Partially that is because there’s not much to say. The tragedy pretty much played out in public. Additionally, I wanted to let a little time pass, document the destruction in photographs and bid a final farewell when it was over. Honestly, I’ve see all […]

Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville Party 2013

I’ll keep my comments brief today, and give you some photographs of last night’s Metro Pulse event. It turns out the winners in the various categories were invited to a VIP version of the party starting at 5:00 and lasting until the beginning of the advertised party at 7:00. For this first portion, food from […]

Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville 2013!

It’s been a long, sometimes hard road, but thanks to your support Stuck Inside of Knoxville was named Best Blog in Knoxville for 2013. It was also honorable mention for best webpage and for best Facebook page. (Why not follow that link right now and check it out – or at least “like” the page […]

Musicians, Writers and the Metropulse Best of Knoxville Poll

I took this photograph of this small brass ensemble on Market Square last week. It was cold enough to freeze lips to metal and no tip hat presented itself. I asked about that and they made a joke. As we talked, I learned that the two standing in the photograph are UT music students and […]

Two Events Not to Miss in Knoxville This Weekend

Two major events share the spotlight downtown this weekend: Metrofest on Friday night and the Lantern and Carriage Tour at Old Gray Cemetery on Sunday. Of course, the Market Square Farmers’ Market continues on Saturday and the normal city shenanigans are always hopping on a Saturday night, but let’s take a closer look at what […]