A Market Square Business and a Union Avenue Business Close

It’s a truth that may be hard to keep in focus in these heady times in downtown Knoxville, but businesses don’t always make it and the ones that are successful for a period of time don’t stay forever. There may be direct and obvious causes or there may be nothing discernible beyond the simple numbers. […]

The Impeccable Pig Closes on Market Square

It’s been a while since I reported a closing on Market Square. Since a spate of closures around the end of 2014, I don’t think a single business on the square has called it quits. Coldstream Market moved from the square to their new location on Union Avenue and Rococo/Knoxville Graphic House moved to Ailor […]

New Event Space, “221,” Holds Grand Opening Tonight

You may never have considered the building as a whole, though you may have eaten at Frussie’s recently or the Laurel Mountain Eatery before it. The building at the corner of Cumberland and Gay is also home to Cook Loft, a 2200 sq. ft. luxury condo (2 BR, 2 1/2 baths) on the top floor. […]

Temple Photography Opens on Gay Street

The Century Building at 312 S. Gay Street is the new home to Scott Temple’s photography business. Temple Photography¬†has been his full-time enterprise since 2010 with a focus on wedding photography and he’s excited to have a presence in what he calls the “creative epicenter of the area.” Scott is a native Knoxville resident who […]

Coldstream Market Consolidates to 521 Union Ave., Closes Market Square Store

It was an experiment for downtown Knoxville and, in the end, a successful one. When Coldstream Market announced its opening in September 2013¬†at 34 Market Square, the event was notable not only because it brought a new business to downtown and Market Square, but because it was a first for second story, walk-up retail in […]