Photographs and Updates from Gay Street Projects (And New Businesses)

Construction at the Farragut Hotel/Hyatt Place is continuing at a rapid pace internally. The building has been virtually gutted, as is obvious in the photograph below. Also shown in the photograph is the appearance of the sign recently proposed to the Downtown Design Review Board. The covering over the sidewalk, which erupted into an online […]

Construction Information and Updates from Around Downtown

I’m often asked about construction projects. Recently someone on Facebook asked for a diagram showing all the cranes on the skyline as seen from south Knoxville along with tags telling the nature of each. About the same time I got that request, the city of Knoxville offered a bus tour for the media which they […]

Update on the 700 Block of Gay Street

The city recently held a meeting to discuss plans and a schedule for the upcoming work on the 700 block of Gay Street. Not so much has changed since the first announcement of plans for that section, but the timeline is coming more into focus for each segment and for the total project. It will […]

Early Summer Business Updates

An accumulation of small updates about a range of businesses seems to be in order. I’ve gotten questions about some of these and others have been in the news recently, but haven’t been mentioned here. A couple of them may warrant a future stand-alone article but, for now, a little update seems to work. Balter […]

The 700 Block of Gay Street to Undergo Major Changes – Eventually

Urban environments are complicated spaces. Anyone who witnessed the re-working of the 100 block of Gay Street understands just how complex something seemingly simple can become. The reality is that, often, no one really knows what lurks beneath the surface of old city streets. An overhaul of the 700 block of Gay Street appears to […]