A Brief Post on “The Post,” And Random Related Ruminations

Just in case you are worried, no, I’m not going to attempt become a film critic. I actually see very few movies, never seeming to have the time or quite enough interest, particularly in what passes for major theatrical releases in 2018. This one, however caught my eye, given the journalistic topic and the fact […]

Turandot Offers Drama, Beauty and Puccini’s Final Music

Knoxville Opera performs Puccini’s final opera (it was completed by Franco Alfano after the Puccini’s unexpected death) Friday night at 7:30 PM and Sunday afternoon at 2:30 PM. The performances will be in the Knoxville Civic Auditorium, not the Tennessee Theatre as is typically the case for Knoxville Opera performances. Forty-five minutes before each performance, […]

The Strangers Pushes Every Boundary, Explores Every Heart: An Interview with Playwright Christopher Oscar Pena

What is the meaning of “home?” Do we ever feel completely loved? Can a relationship make us feel “whole?” How do each of us fit into a swiftly changing world that keeps our place in that world in a constant state of flux? Playwright Christopher Oscar Peña told me that he was given the freedom […]

An Art History Scavenger Hunt in the City

A lot of us have found ourselves in similar predicaments in recent days: An extra child or two is lurking about underfoot when they, by all rights, should be at school. Whether because of ice, snow, extreme cold, flu or teacher work-days, there they were. Sure, Urban Girl, like so many of your children, would […]

A North Knoxville Business Grows and Expands

It was just over a year ago I introduced readers to KyBRa Athletics and owners David and Sue Finney. It’s been a very good year for the business which is located at 800 North Broadway, just between Elkmont Exchange (across the street) and Architectural Antics. The business is set to upgrade its facilities and double in […]