Celebrations and Shakespeare in the City

Late last week downtown was filled with celebrations of various sorts. Interestingly, three events in two days centered on literary achievements of sorts. Tuesday evening saw a celebration of a surprise publication and of the beginning of a journey to New York City for another. Thursday saw an annual production that honors the most esteemed […]

Yellow Rose Productions takes “Princess Cut” to NYC

I continue to be impressed by and compelled to write about Yellow Rose Productions. As I’ve said before, I met Danielle Roos and Kerri Koczen in Scruffy City Hall when they approached me and asked why I was taking photographs. I followed that with a story about the production company┬áin January of 2014, about their […]

“Princess Cut” Forces a Painful Conversation

Our culture’s willingness to talk about anything no matter how personal at anytime seems to expand with every Cialis commercial. It’s as if any topic is an acceptable topic no matter where or in what company it is introduced. Child sexual abuse has been a bit slower to enter the national conversation – unless the […]

The Truth About “Fiction”

I couldn’t let the latest Yellow Rose production, “Fiction,” go by without some comment. Staged in the Square Room, it was the second effort from this new company which I profiled here a few weeks ago. The Square Room is doing some very good things and hosting this company is one of them. Kenny Woodhull […]

New Production Company Slips into the Downtown Scene

It was a typical Friday night, for me: I’m sitting in a bar listening to music, minding my own business and two attractive young women want to strike up a conversation. If I had a nickle for every time . . . OK, so it’s never happened before, but it happened at the opening of […]