Titus Andronicus at the Clarence Brown Theatre

Thought to be perhaps William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus Andronicus has not fared well over the years. Often out of fashion and thought to be an inferior work, the play also drew criticism for gratuitous violence. Recent decades have seen a reversal of critical views of the play – perhaps paralleling our increasing tolerance for […]

Darwin and Wallace Enjoy a Night Out on the Town

I was tied up Friday night and couldn’t get out to enjoy the downtown festivities. I got a message from that day from Brian O’Meara, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UTK, who suggested that I check out the monster-sized puppets, saying they would be downtown hanging out for First Friday. I suggested […]

The Demolition Could Spread: White Avenue May Be Next

Just when it seemed that Knoxville may have gotten past the urge to destroy its history, we had the demolition of the buildings at 1710 and 1712 Walnut Street. As horrible as that was, it may not be the worst of what’s in store. I took a walk into Fort Sanders on Sunday to view […]

What’s It Like to Live in the City on a UT Game Day?

Between trips to Mobile, I landed at home in the city the day before the UT/Florida game. With mixed feelings I bought an $80 ticket from a Gator fan and found myself at the game. Since this was the last thing I enjoyed in the city before I got the call that my mother had […]