Tori Mason Shoe Store is Open at 29 Market Square

Scott Schimmel and Lisa Sorensen’s latest business venture, Tori Mason Shoes located at 29 Market Square opened for business Monday. The location had been Bliss Home, operated by the couple since 2005. The new venture marks a shift of sorts, though they’ve had shoes at Bliss (their original store across Market Square) and the shoe […]

Tori Mason Shoes to Debut at 29 Market Square, Bliss Home Transitions

Quite a bit has changed since Lisa Sorensen and Scott Schimmel first opened Bliss at 24 Market Square in 2003. Back then people could be forgiven for guessing their little venture might not last. Few retail outlets were¬†succeeding in a downtown that seemed to have been forgotten. But they succeeded. That store is going strong […]