Fort Dickerson: Another Urban Asset (Plus a Concert Giveaway)

I’m very late to the Fort Dickerson party. Sure, I’d heard about it for a long time and it sounded pretty cool – but where exactly was the thing? I knew it was south of the river, but that’s all I had. It turns out it’s an easy walk from downtown – just 3/4 of […]

Legacy Parks Celebrates Ten Years of Making East Tennessee a Better Place

Carol Evans speaks with steady assurance when discussing the plans and goals for the Legacy Parks Foundation. “Recreation, for us, is land preservation. Our focus is protecting our land and waterways. We have a large number of parks and views, but a priority is to better connect people to these amenities.” Carol’s family, like many […]

Waynestock 2014, Night One

It’s nearly 12:30 AM as I’m writing this post, so you’ll see more photographs than words so I can get a little sleep before I go to work in a few hours. Tonight marked the kick-off of the fourth annual Waynestock Festival. It’s a great event benefiting various charities each year. For a $5 per […]