East Tennessee Community Design Center Honors Ashley Capps

I’ve written pretty extensively about the East Tennessee Community Design Center in previous articles. Their work helps Knoxville be a better city. Their projects to assist organizations have helped over 100,000 children. They estimate $18 Million in economic impact from their projects in the last decade. They’ve designed 200 community parks, seen 92 of their […]

Local Books For Christmas Gifts

I don’t normally write an article for Saturday and I’ve certainly got enough going on to fill my time otherwise today, but I need to do a sort of “make up post.” See, I’d planned to write this for yesterday, but the larger news story broke and I had to go with that. Waiting until […]

A Magic Beer Tree and a Scruffy City Hall Pass

      I found Scott and Bernadette West up a tree, more or less. I’d been offered a tour of the Scruffy City HallĀ  construction at 32 Market Square. On the Moonshine Roof Garden, covered in stain, I found them both putting the finishing touches on the Magic Beer Tree. I’m struck by the […]

A Homecoming to Lift the Tone of a Somewhat Somber Weekend

    Have you ever known someone who remained angry day after day? I’ve known a few and, honestly, it’s not a pretty sight. I suppose some rappers stay angry for years and make good money from it, but it makes me very tired to angry for too long. So, it seems a change in […]

First Friday, September 2013, Pictures and Stories

Somehow the week just slipped by without an opening to slip in the First Friday photographs. It was an incredibly packed First Friday that found me falling far short of my goals to make the complete rounds. It’s gotten impossible. Last spring I resolved to pick one or two things and stick to it. That […]