Updates From Around Downtown

Occasionally over the years I’ve given updates about projects I’ve mentioned some time back or developments which others reported first and you might have missed. So, here’s a chance to make sure we all know what’s going on. The Tombras Group, an advertising and public relations firm, reportedly purchased the KUB building and the adjacent […]

Downtown Knoxville Snow Photographs, February 13, 2014, Part Two

I don’t have a lot to say about these, beyond, “here you go.” I hope you enjoy them. Folks seemed to like the first batch, so hopefully you’ll see some you like here, as well. A special thanks goes out to David Evola who provided me with photographs from Krutch Park. The snow people on […]

Two Blocks, Two Buildings, Two Different Outcomes

Two buildings caught my attention recently. They are only about a block and a half apart, but they seem destined to quite different futures. One may be a treasure, the other maybe not so much. In the first case, it has been reported elsewhere that Randy and Jenny Boyd, who own Boyd’s Jig and Reel […]

A Peanut Shop and other Changes of Note

Sometimes I’m the first to break a story about downtown and often others get the scoop. Even when something has been reported elsewhere I often note it here, as well, because I’m not sure my readers caught it elsewhere. Also, inasmuch as this blog is a record of sorts of an era in downtown Knoxville, […]

Business Updates on Jackson Avenue (and a resulting ill-fated trip down East Depot which involves BEER)

A few weeks ago I took pictures up and down Jackson Avenue with two goals in mind: Give an update of what was happening on the corridor and visit the roll out of Saw Works Brewing Company. I never quite got around to the first goal with everything else that’s been happening and the second […]