Royal Bark Social Club Brings Dog Daycare and More to Downtown

When Alisa Hamby starts talking about her love for dogs, it’s clear she means it to her core. To have someone who loves dogs so much open a Dog Daycare can only inspire confidence in anyone considering using the Royal Bark Social Club. The fact that the service has landed in the center of a […]

Knoxville Soap Candle and Gifts to Move Downtown

Jodi Bowlin, long-time owner (and now co-owner with husband Joshua Eades) of Knoxville Soap Candle and Gifts has announced her decision to move the business to downtown Knoxville. It’s another shot of the slowly building retail outlets in the center city and, at 714 South Gay, it will stretches the retail zone of Gay Street. […]

Blackhorse Brewery and Downtown Pub to Open on Gay Street

Word has been circulating for a while that Blackhorse Pub and Brewery was coming to 430 South Gay Street. It’s the former location of Five Bar and, before that, Arby’s at the corner of Union and Gay, arguably the intersection at the heart of downtown. While many may miss the previous restaurant, in Blackhorse, downtown […]

Matt Robb’s Biscuits & Brew Opens at 800 Market Street

Last April when I first wrote about Matt Robb’s Biscuits and Brew, the plan called for it to open in May. This being July, you might imagine a few misadventures happened along the way. While it took a little longer to open his doors and start serving his amazing biscuits and Counter Culture coffee, open […]

Tako Taco: New Restaurant Announced for Downtown at the Mill and Mine

Chef Jesse Newmister announced the opening of his second restaurant in downtown Knoxville, as Tako Taco joins Kaizen, his original restaurant. While Kaizen has become one of the hottest restaurants in the city, Newmister is limited there by a small kitchen space and has wanted a larger kitchen in order to pursue his culinary vision […]