Fin Two Opens in the Old City

Downtown Knoxville now has a Japanese Ale House. Raymond Yip announced plans for the restaurant last December (follow that link for a detailed look at his background and plans). As with so many commercial endeavors, and certainly restaurants, there were delays that prevented him from opening as rapidly as he’d hoped. The design for the […]

Simpl Opens Wednesday at 1120 Sevier Avenue on the South Side

It’s been a journey. The opening was to have been in early spring before a series of twists and turns and unexpected delays. They’ve endured the same kinds of struggles all businesses, particularly restaurants, experience when trying to open. It all comes to a happy ending with the official opening tomorrow of Simpl on Sevier […]

The Nail Room to Open on the 100 Block

Truc Thanh Ngoc Pham is set to own her first business. She, along with David Nguyen, are at work preparing the space at 119 South Gay Street. That the couple would be together opening the project in downtown Knoxville is something of an amazing longshot. Born in the same town in Vietnam, they had to […]

American Huckleberry Opens at 130 West Jackson

Joy O’Shell and Scott Filar have opened a unique antique store with an artistic element at 130 West Jackson. Each piece in their carefully curated collection is meticulously described on the back of “hello” cards Joy found at Pioneer House. It’s modeled after the J. Peterman Catalog from the 1980s — a catalog to which […]

The Lost Tavern Opens at 20 Market Square

It’s smoky, but the only smoke found in the new tavern on Market Square is found in the food, drink and the atmosphere. The new noir-themed craft cocktail bar on Market Square represents the latest opening by the West family and, unlike their other establishments, Scott West points out the “entertainment” in this venue is […]