Knox Box Karaoke Hosts Its Grand Opening Tonight

In January, when I first introduced you to Harold Goldston and his plans for a downtown karaoke bar, it seemed like an idea that would fit right into downtown’s booming nightlife. Co-owned by Harold and business partner Kevin LaRoche, it was a unique idea whose time, it seemed, had come. One small pandemic later, he’s […]

Ham’n Goodys Opens at 505 S. Gay Street

Knoxville has another great local business tucked around the perimeter of the Embassy Suites. With the addition of Ham’n Goodys, which opened last week, the hotel now is host to Knox Mason, K Brew, Top Golf, CJ’s Tacos, Wake Foot Sanctuary and Spa, as well as the new confection store. It’s an impressive lineup in […]

Scruffy’s Cafe Opens Tomorrow at 1015 North Broadway (Plus Some Important Notes at the End)

Tennessee appears to be at the cutting edge of the cat world. At least that’s how it appears. I stopped into Scruffy’s Cafe and talked with co-owners Talisa Cantrell and Emily Deas and learned that Tennessee has five cat cafes (with this opening on Friday), which places it atop the states with the most cat […]

Oddities Hair Parlour To Open at 1520 North Central

Again, as we weather the current pandemic, there are plans being made for new businesses that will help us recover as we move forward. I’ll spotlight those as we wait for this season to pass. Oddities Hair Parlour is one such business. Planning to open soon at 1520 North Central, Oddities is a cooperative co-owned […]

The Donut Shop Coming to 724 North Broadway

In these strange times, it’s important to know that good things are still happening, plans are being made, and dreams are being realized. With that in mind, I introduce the Donut Shop, a near-downtown business that plans to open soon at 724 North Broadway. It’s family owned, and the effort is being spearheaded by Avery […]