A Final Look Inside the McClung Warehouses

Last Sunday afternoon was one of those little gifts we get during Knoxville winters: a day in February which is inexplicably spring-like. We know it isn’t going to last, but at least for the moment we’ve got the warmth of an east Tennessee sun. So, of course, I went for a walk. I didn’t intend […]

Demolition of the McClung Warehouses

I’ve said very little about the McClung Warehouses since the fire. Partially that is because there’s not much to say. The tragedy pretty much played out in public. Additionally, I wanted to let a little time pass, document the destruction in photographs and bid a final farewell when it was over. Honestly, I’ve see all […]

McClung Warehouse Fire A Setback to Downtown Redevelopment

I drove home from Relix Theater about 1:00 AM Saturday morning. My path took me over the Broadway viaduct directly past the McClung Warehouses. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but when I walked into our home Urban Woman said she smelled smoke. I told her Relix is non-smoking, but she said it […]

Business Bits to End the Week

I’m going to end a busy week with a few bits about business. Nothing stays still in the city, of course, and in recent days I’ve documented the closure of Bella Luna and the re-opening and re-imagining of two other restaurants: Blue Coast and Icon. But those aren’t the only changes. The others have been […]

Images from the City, March 2013

As I’ve done from time to time, today I’ve got a few images that never found a place in a blog post, but which I’d like to pass on with a few thoughts sprinkled in. Most of these come from my annual Christmas walk around the city. Churches are among my favorite buildings to photograph […]