Saturday Sounds: John Myers 80th Birthday Party

In the midst of the flurry that is Christmas season, there was a small musical gem that needs not get overlooked. It’s a season filled with music, of course, from the choral and symphonic presentations to a number of good shows stopping by on national tours. This one was decidedly local in flavor, but stands […]

What Does UT Football Cost Our Community?

Let’s start by trying to stop some of the hate mail before I get it: I love college football. I’m not a UT football fan, but this identical article could likely be written about any number of southern cities of similar size with a successful football program. Some of the details would probably be different […]

First Friday Fun in Downtown Knoxville, March 2014

As I’ve done before, I’ll let the photographs carry most of the weight for First Friday. It was one of those nights I’ve experienced before in which I was dragging about and not real sure about getting out at all. But then, the weather was awesome and I can’t resist the buzz on the streets […]

Saturday Night Music: Too Much of a Good Thing is a Really, Really Good Thing.

  This past Saturday night offered more musical opportunities downtown than a body could handle. Over at the Civic Auditorium, the funky foot stomping rhythms of the Southeastern Stomp Fest ran amok. If you wanted to go all high-brow, the Knoxville Choral Society performed at the Bijou. On the far end of the downtown area […]

Seeing Knoxville Through Different Eyes

Have you ever noticed how different something looks when you see it through someone else’s eyes. Maybe you’ve assured your friend that a movie is fine for their child, but as you sit with them you realize it had a whole lot more of something in it than you remembered. Or you’ve dragged a friend […]